Looking for a Hero: Virtual Assistant

👆 Seen it? Now you can:

Super hero: Virtual Assistant

You: the Hero

You’re the Hero; you’re in control. 

As a virtual assistant, you perform various highly responsible tasks, and you’re constantly improving ways of executing them. Together with you, we deliver more, optimize time, and increase our productivity.

You are the direct support to Jacek & Oskar, who perform most duties within the organization.

You’re tech-savvy, able to communicate through multiple channels, and you’re super organized. EXCEPTIONAL attention to detail is your superpower.

Additionally, you do speak fluently both in English and Polish. Ideally, you live in Warsaw.

Definitely, we’ll be EXTREMELY lucky to work together as a team!

Us: looking for the Hero

Remote Sensei is a fast-growing, international Remote Work Institute.

We help organizations across the globe develop their remote ecosystem and take teamwork to the next level.

We are a team of passionate individuals committed to improving the way people work remotely.

We believe that learning hard skills and spiritual development is equally important to succeed as a manager and a human being.

We teach what we believe and live by those rules.

Each team member has a huge opportunity to make a big impact, and together, as a distributed and connected team, we support each other in every area of the company to achieve it.

Jack & Oscar on a decision making call

What we stand by

remote work
flat structure (teal organization)
role-based workflow
coworking & coliving when possible
results-driven team
weekly planning & reviewing
commonly shared dinners 🥗

What we do not support

working only in the office
strict working hours

The Job: what’ll be your responsibility

As a responsible, resourceful, and experienced virtual assistant, you will:

  • take care of administrative tasks
  • keep track of the ongoing processes
  • manage communication with clients
  • support creating external materials (such as presentations, documents, etc.)
  • track and manage expenses
  • calendar management
  • general assistance in ad-hoc tasks
  • assist with marketing activities
  • take notes or transcribe meetings
  • address employees administrative queries
  • provide customer service as the first point of contact
  • assist in the day-to-day responsibilities of the head coaches

The minimum availability to deal with all the responsibilities is 20 hours/week.


  • proven experience as a Virtual Assistant or relevant role
  • familiarity with current remote technologies enabling effective organization & communication like desktop sharing, cloud services, desktop recording, etc.
  • experience with copywriting and translation (pl/eng – eng/pl)
  • fluency in the google workspace ecosystem
  • mastered calendar management (e.g., Google Calendar, Calendly)
  • excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • excellent time management skills
  • able to organize and manage large amounts of tasks, schedules, and information
  • self-directed and able to work without supervision
  • able to work nights, weekends, extended hours, and holidays as needed (as we are working with other timezones)
  • 3 years’ previous experience handling assistant or administrative responsibilities, or experience in customer service
  • strong customer service and presentation skills

This is a dynamic role with things changing on a daily and weekly basis.
To be successful in this role you need to think quick 🧠, move fast 💨 and love change 💪

Where this opportunity will take you?

We seek someone who is here for the long game, someone who wants to grow with the company.

We are always going all-in when helping our customers achieve the highest potential in spiritual and mindset development.

We take the same approach with people we work with every day.

This way, you can be sure that you are back on your path to greatness.

Apply now and influence the future

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Are you up for it?