December 1st, 2022

How to test & adapt Asana to your company culture without wasting time and money?

December 1st, 2022

How to test & adapt Asana to your company culture without wasting time and money?

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Number of users

Select the number of members of your team/organization. The number of licenses is incremental, i.e. at first it increases every 5th, then every 10th, and in organizations with more than 100 people - every 25th.

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You qualify for a yearly support program!

This means yearly access to Asana in price of 566 EUR and 12 months of access to:

This means yearly access to Asana. For more details, please, scroll down and check all benefits your company will get:

Success monitoring
Administration & safety
You can choose from PLN/EUR/USD when paying

Valuation with free bonuses:

You can choose from PLN/EUR/USD when paying

566 EUR / yearly

12 EUR saved

compared to the monthly payment

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  • Such payment is only possible through monthly subscription directly with Asana. It is 19% more expensive than the annual one, possible only via credit card. We also do not provide a support system to monthly subscribers.


  • You can add new users at any time. All you have to do is invite them through the Asana panel. If the purchased quantity of licences is exceeded, we will contact you to confirm either purchase of additional licences or their reduction.


  • Each Asana user from outside your organization (with an email in a different domain) will not generate additional costs. You can add clients, freelancers or other stakeholders to projects for free.


  1. Final desision on the amount of users and Asana plan.
  2. Choosing preferred activation date.
  3. Activation of annual subscription via Remote Sensei.
  4. Introduction to the support system.
  5. Issuing an invoice for purchased licenses.


  • Start by scheduling a free consultation with our strategist. He will answer your questions and help you understand the differences between the plans. You can choose a convenient date here. In case of specific questions, we encourage you to send them by e-mail to sales@remotesensei.org.


  • Mainly companies which want to reduce operating costs and significantly strengthen the Asana culture in teams. We serve smaller organizations, individual teams as well as large corporations. In all cases, the annual subscription with the support package provedc to be more profitable.


  • Yes, we’ll send the subscription agreement together with the offer in PDF.


  • Asana works best when the whole company uses it. In such a scenario, Asana centralizes and combines the work of many departments. Its features improve cross-departmental collaboration and enable teams to achieve goals together.
  • However, activating a single-team subscription will also be a great decision if you can't bring your entire organization to Asana. Individual teams also need one point of reference for checking work process, communication and managing projects.
Only available to Asana users in Remote Sensei
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