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Grecos gets rid of information silos between departments with Asana

  • Asana
  • Remote Transformation

Grecos is the leader among many tour operators, with prestigious awards won every year. It is a strong brand that has already delivered 18 seasons of priceless experiences to its customers. Over the years, the company has transformed its structure many times during the scaling period and mergers of companies...

Angelus24 improves office operations and client eperience with Asana

  • Asana
  • Digital Transformation
  • Remote toolkit

Angelus24 provides a 360° support to more that 200 real estate owners, housing associations and holdings. To best serve the unique needs of customers across different types of properties, the team needs a platform of fast communication and requests handling. Asana became the center and most up-to-date point of refence.

How Go2Market keeps their fast-growing team in the know with Asana

  • Asana
  • Remote Transformation
  • Remote Transformation

A fast-growing company with a startup mindset, Go2Market is always evolving. New employees are hired as rapidly as new clients are signed on, creating an exciting work environment and a goals-driven team. However, constant change can make it difficult for employees to keep track of everything that’s happening.

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