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Remote Sensei in full control of his team

Is your work-from-home team drowning in organizational chaos?

Most companies were forced to adopt a remote environment.

They all have similar problems:

  • On-line meetings overload does not help with smooth communication.
  • There is no “one source of truth.” Everything gets lost in massive amounts of emails & countless tools.
  • No idea who’s responsible for specific tasks.
  • Missed deadlines

Isolation at home creates anxiety, burnout, and unnecessary stress.

When we talk to CEOs and managers, they often complain that their people working out of office makes them feel uncertain, sometimes helpless, and out of control.

We understand that going remote and fully digital can be frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Remote work CAN be organized and even more effective than in-office work

if the right tools and digital-first habits are strategically adopted.

We’ve helped dozens of companies transform into a fully digital & remote form so that:

Everyone has clarity where the whole team is going.

There is a work-life balance.

Your organization is bringing high-profit margins.

Managers feel in control

How are we getting you
to where you’re going

Asana Consulting

Technology alone doesn’t drive results. We will help you adapt Asana to your unique culture.

Remote Transformation

We optimize going fully remote or work in a hybrid model to achieve radical results in unstable times.

Digital Transformation

We will introduce Agile and digitize processes for effective leadership and increased profitability.

We’ll guide your team
through a meaningful change

Most Asana or remote-work consultants focus on superficial tactics.

Of course, tools and processes training is essential but is not enough and causes the team to regress to old, ineffective habits.

The real and lasting change goes a few levels deeper. That’s why we focus on mindset, strategy and only then on tools and tactics.

Layers of transformation
Remote Sensei approach

Data-based approach, measurable results

We’re practitioners, not theorists.

You will always get data-based advice proven over 4 of doing business with clients that got real results.

We’ll help you transform your team using the right tools, a clear plan, and a proven implementation process.

How great teams get measurable
results with Remote Sensei

How Go2Market keeps their fast-growing team in the know with Asana

Asana • Remote Transformation • Knowledge base

A fast-growing company with a startup mindset, Go2Market is always evolving. New employees are hired as rapidly as new clients are signed on, creating an exciting work environment and a goals-driven team. However, constant change can make it difficult for employees to keep track of everything that’s happening.

Case study coming soon

Angelus24 improves office operations and client experience with Asana

Asana • Digital Transformation • Remote toolkit

Angelus24 provides 360° support to more than 200 real estate owners, housing associations, and holdings. To best serve the unique needs of customers across different types of properties, the team needs a platform of fast communication and request handling. Asana became the center and most up-to-date point of reference.

Let’s redefine how remote work is done

We will help you succeed in the digital/remote age.