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Get expert help and see if Asana is a good fit for your team.
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The entire testing period, in which we will support and guide you, has been thoughtfully and repeatedly tested. Find out more below ↓

About Asana in one sentence...

It is a central work and project management tool where teams can delegate tasks, analyse each member’s workload, monitor the progress of activities and workflow and communicate in threads.

Why do so many companies fail to successfully implement Asana?

Why do so many companies fail to successfully implement Asana?

We answer this question after 700+ consultations.

The most common reasons include:

And this is only the beginning of the problems!

Inconsiderate tests result with:

Growing micro-management instead of clarity of action

Growing frustration of team members instead of motivation resulting from clarity

gradual abandonment of work in Asana instead of its increasing adaptation

The list is much longer…

Implementing Asana on its own can start a snowball effect with regularly increasing problems.

How do you prevent this and verify that Asana fits your business and meets your requirements?

The things you need are:

You will benefit from a proven roadmap instead of wandering on your own and wasting the team's valuable time

As many as 82% of organisations undergoing a trial period of Asana with Remote Sensei, solve project management problems and increase overall productivity for years to come.
The results of Asana Trial with Remote Sensei:
Think this is a big change? We understand you perfectly.

Throughout the testing period, you will be mentored by a Certified Asana Expert

You can get to know him now, before you start exchanging emails.

Jacek Kryszkiewicz

  • Co-founder
  • Lead Strategist
He has prepared more than 110 Asana deployment strategies to create high-performance distributed teams.
His multifaceted view of the world allows him to understand company problems and the emotions of its members.
He has managed teams of people on film sets and hot-blooded sales teams.
Based on this, he adapts dispassionate tools to the specifics of organisations of all sizes.
Find out more about your advisor

Polskie firmy o potrzebach podobnych Tobie podniosły współodpowiedzialność i produktywność w Asanie:

Polish companies that have raised accountability and productivity thanks to Asana:

Activate the Asana trial period to receive full Remote Sensei support, including:

Which email address would you like to enable the trial period?
How should we address you?
Activation of the trial period will take place within 24 hours.



  • Any number. Trial activation will be based on a single, primary email address. You can then add an unlimited number of users. This allows more people in the organization to test Asana in their daily work.


  • Asana does not provide counselling or support services in Polish. Activating the trial through Asana only gives you free access to your account. By doing it via Remote Sensei, you get:
    • a dedicated demo
    • onboarding materials
    • support in Polish
    • a favourable quote for the licence (including payment in PLN based on VAT invoice)
    • a dedicated advisor


  • If you want to improve your work and project management solution or to increase the clarity of who is responsible for what and speed up processes between teams - it might be a great moment to start the trial period of Asana with Remote Sensei.
  • We will coordinate the monthly test so that it does not conflict with the duties of the team/organization. We will help you understand all Asana features and engage in creating an efficient work ecosystem.
  • Activate your Asana trial when:
    • you are looking for a replacement work and project management tool,
    • you have used e-mail or Excel to manage your company so far,
    • current work management strategies hinder teamwork and control over individual tasks,
    • you have confirmed testing with other stakeholders in the upcoming month,
    • you want to take advantage of the expert knowledge of Remote Sensei strategists


  • Let's take the best and therefore most common scenario so far. After a full month of testing Asana and proactive support from Remote Sensei's strategists, you know which Asana plan will improve your company's management techniques. With effective implementation, you are assured of at least a 3-fold return on your management tool investment!


  • In such a scenario, we will do it again! This time with us 🙂 We will contact Asana directly and apply for reactivation of the trial period.


  • After a full month of testing the program and proactive support from Remote Sensei strategists, you know what Asana's plan will improve management techniques in your company.
  • The plan does not activate automatically. No fee is charged. Only your decision will make us go a step further.
  • Most often, we help choose a plan and present the possibilities of support in implementing Asana along with new working habits in this environment
  • If you want to learn more about this, I invite you to a free strategy session, which you can arrange here.


  • Asana works best when the whole company uses it. This is because Asana can centralize and combine the work of multiple departments. Its features improve cross-functional collaboration and enable teams to achieve goals together.
  • We recommend activating the trial period for the entire organization so that each team can test it with our support. Moreover, it costs you nothing. 🙂
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