Remote Foundation

The mission of the foundation

The mission is simple: give employees and managers workplace freedom.

The end goal is to bring back the awareness the world needs and the results that mindful people bring to organizations.

It all started with a journey into the wild.

The founder – Oskar Grochowalski – was once inspired by the true, untouched beauty of the Siberian forest. Eventually, that was just the start of an incredible transformation. From experiencing life in a limited, logical, conceptual way to developing an emotional, spiritual connection with the surrounding world.

He saw how individuals working remotely develop character and habits much faster in conditions closer to their needs.

That observation with previous experience in team management and growing a business resulted in creating a movement: The Remote Sensei project with Remote Foundation behind it (Zdalna Fundacja in the Polish language).

The force that changes the way people work – worldwide – wouldn’t be possible without a formal structure – a social enterprise.

Now, we can easily reach:

  • individuals
  • physically disabled people
  • single parents
  • people who are highly qualified but live far away from possible workplaces


If you are interested, you can find out more here – foundation statute.

Remote Sensei impact

The whole organization embraces the current level of human consciousness and brings together a group of people that transcends and integrates the existing limitations of current static organizational paradigms.

Such social organism is called teal organization where we truly believe in:

  • self-management
  • wholeness
  • evolutionary purpose

With that in mind, we walk the path of purpose and fulfillment.

This approach helps us understand that every case we’re about to work on, should be treated individually. So are you.

Only then, we’re able to successfully walk you and your team members through long-lasting transformation.

That’s why our impact is increasing with every month and we’re able to truly develop teams’ habits, processes, and alignment.

Getting in touch

We help. Really help people to experience fulfillment through finding the right ecosystem for their work.

Feel free to get in touch if you:

  • need any guidance in working remotely
  • look for a solid partnership
  • want to popularize remote work in your region
  • feel your company would benefit from transforming into a remote ecosystem

But not only that.

Get in touch if you feel the connection with our mission because TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE!

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