There had to be
a better way to manage
remote teams

After years of trial and error, we found it,
and now we are teaching it

So many great
organizations struggle
with their growth

They have great business models
and a service their customers need
but they struggle to adapt to
working remotely

as only intensified
this problem

Daily actions are taking longer to complete. Money is being spent much faster. Other resources are reaching a breaking point.

Employees get frustrated, misunderstood, or disconnected from the company vision, and lots of potential is wasted.

Working from home, it’s easy for employees to get frustrated and to feel bothered by their micromanaging superiors.

It’s easy for them to lose their drive and for their performance to drop. And it’s easy to lose connection with other team members. Once organized, they now start to loose their self-discipline . These problems have created a lot of wasted potential and there is only more to come.

So, we decided to act

Now, we’re on a mission to build high-performance teams that unlock
explosive growth for their companies.

We’re building
remote teams where:

Everyone knows what to do and when to do it without constant checkups or meetings

Everyone is internally motivated to work at peak performance every day

Everyone organises themselves and lives consciously to support their long term health and growth

The foundations

Before we came up with a working, bullet-proof framework, we tested a multitude of project management
approaches. The goal was to find a method that brought consistent, measurable financial benefits without
sacrificing the happiness or fulfillment for each team member in mind.

It took us ten years. But we finally did it!
Now we’re ready to share that knowledge with you.

The framework of Virtual Stronghold incorporates:

  • Agile methodology - for flexibility and transparency
  • Spiritual development - for conscious living and internal motivation without the woo-woo stuff
  • Holacracy - for high accountability with self-organizing teams
  • Remote work best practices - for building the right company culture

…to finally build the right company cultureusing modern tools like Asana, Slack, or Slite.

Remote Sensei

Our style of work

When we were thinking about delivering the results, we’ve found that there are two types of consultants on the market

01 Those that focus on one methodology (like Agile) and have no practical leadership experience

02 Those focused on just delivering software training

Neither of the above give a permanent solution. So we combined them to give the best of both worlds:

A data-driven, technical approach coupled with

Soft management skills

to solve real problems

As a result, we’ve built a highly effective team of entrepreneurs who are Asana experts. They are seasoned in leading organizations and using digital tools to their full potential.

Remote Senseis at your service

Team of game-changers


Oskar Grochowalski

Co-founder, Lead coach

On a mission to give workplace freedom for a broader perspective of the world.

Jacek Kryszkiewicz

Jacek Kryszkiewicz

Co-founder, Lead Strategist

Responsible for designing highly efficient and fulfilling remote work ecosystems.


Dawid Chromiński

Customer Success Manager

Translates your needs into a ready-to-implement remote & digital environment.

Due to a unique skill-set and experience that can be found only in a few entrepreneurs/coaches we have limited availability. Therefore, we only work with clients who are the right fit.

Our values at work

Achieve process excellence

By having a long-term focus on optimizing clients’ processes, we see patterns that allow us to help you – our next client and partner – even faster. The result of this approach of constant improvement is that it also achieves internal operational excellence.

Meaningful metrics instead of empty promises

It is easy to say that Asana or a new set of information will change your organization forever. Until we select the right metrics and check the situation before and after the transformation, we cannot say that we helped.

A drive to be the greatness in class

From the very beginning, we strived to have an innovative, influential approach in building remote teams. That was easy before covid times when we had almost no competition. Now the goal is to have best-in-class products and services.

We don’t provide cookie-cutter service

Every team culture is different, and applying the same solution to everyone would be like taking a painkiller when you have problems with your eye vision.

Mutual responsibility

Creating a high-performance ecosystem. Leading and anchoring the change requires an orchestrated effort on many fronts. That’s why we are working only with companies ready to engage and focus their efforts on transformation.

Do you resonate with those values?

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Helping others is easier together! Always.

Our Partners & Friends

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Verified stays for co-living & co-working


Work management software


Time tracking software that easily integrates with Asana

Zdalny Ninja

Polish NGO educating on remote work

Solid WP

24/7 holistic site maintenance

Be part of our mission

We’re looking for passionate people to join us on our mission. We value flat hierarchies,
clear communication, and full ownership and responsibility.

Benefits include

Fully remote work

Flexibility of working hours

Impactful environment

Access to all internal knowledge & courses

Professional remote setup

Life & work balance

Open positions

01 Virtual Assistant (eng & pl)
02 Sales Representative (eng & pl)

Meditation, nootropics or
managing remote teams – ask
us anything