Helping Organizations Optimize Remote Work By Implementing Asana

Save time and stabilize your company growth
like never before

Running a company using old-fashioned ways is tough

After switching from office to remote setup, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed.

You feel like the pandemic created lots of new opportunities but still can’t figure out how to make any of them happen. There’s never enough time to implement the awesomeness in your vision. The team performance is lowering; managers are facing several challenges related to productivity and communication. As a result, sales drop drastically.

Over the last ten years, we’ve seen that the lack of a project management tool adapted to company workflow is causing all of that.

These companies are missing out on so many features like:

Quicker & more accurate decision-making process

More clarity around business directives and organization goals

Smooth communication

Accurate time tracking

Real-time analytics

And much, much more

So if you feel like some kind of digital & remote transformation must take place in your company, we’re here to help by implementing Asana® – the best management tool in the world!

We have the solutions that will avoid stress and uncertainty

But first, you should stop trying to answer questions like these on your own:

How do I build a team with the right people?

How do I motivate my team to want to work as hard as I do?

How do I get them to adopt the things I want them to do?

Do I have the right tools to hit the goals I have set?

At Remote Sensei, we understand how difficult it is when employees don’t do what they’re committed to

That’s why we have created a tried and proven framework – a distributed team model that you can copy and adapt to your team.

We make sure that the transformation to a remote form keeps up with the culture built over the years in the easiest way possible.

Here’s what other companies say

Thanks to Remote Sensei and the changes in the way of management and setting goals, we got rid of many business habits that lowered our team’s performance. In only 2 months of continuous optimization, we were able to increase the profit margin by over 23%.


Mike Lewandowski

CEO at SalesGenomics

During the pandemic, our company lost its previous workplace and the possibility of direct communication. But after a 3-month transformation at Remote Sensei, our company can serve twice as many customers – yet with authentic commitment and precise communication.


Tomasz Orechwo

CEO w Angelus24

Working with Oskar was a game-changer for our business. My company truly felt his support every step of the way. He even introduced us to few more tools apart from Asana that we now use on a daily basis. Would invest in him over and over again.


Tomasz Jankowski

Tomasz Jankowski

Your pathway to remote

01. Schedule a call

A quick, free, 30-minute consulting call is all it takes to get started

02. Proposing the approach

Our team will propose a 3-step approach to implementing Asana based on your business model

03. Get results

We’ll execute the plan in an effective and stress-free way (once you agree on a 2nd call).

After that, it’s time for the transformation to take place, and for the
company to grow

We are trusted by
organizations like you

Imagine what will happen if you keep using the current management methods after switching to remote

Your team’s performance will keep getting worse, you’ll have more headaches from the chaotic situations between you and the employees, and you won’t have time to take care of the most essential tasks in your company.

So how much is it worth to eliminate these issues?

We will help you become the next great success story

After Asana is successfully adapted based on your business model, you’ll be on the right path to building a highly efficient, integrated organization

Here are some other benefits:

Enhanced online collaboration

Full clarity on team responsibilities

Stabilized remote work of the team

Faster and smoother communication

No more time wasted on inefficient workflows

No more time wasted on inefficient workflows